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Mission Statement

To help clients protect their future financial goals, understand the risks of everyday life, and recuperate from the unpredictable.

1st Class Client Service
Long-Term Asset Protection
Preferred Rated Insurance Network
Personal Client & Advisor Relationships
Tailored Coverage for Your Specific Need

Possible Coverage


Possible Price


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What's Different?

"The previous two insurance companies I worked for treated me well. However, those companies weren't always the best fit for potential new clients, but both companies still expected me to sell their product with the ABC (always be closing) mindset, and it felt wrong for the consumer.

Opening an agency where the client truly came first was my biggest priority.  Now when someone needs a quote or has questions, I can get the coverage they need through multiple companies at once, comparing each option side by side to find the best price. If not, I will be the first to tell the consumer that they're already in the best position!"  -- Owner | Joe Manofsky

On top of the amount of quotes we can present you, our goal is to make insurance as easy to understand as possible:

  • Direct access to 7 personal insurance companies and over 20+ commercial insurance companies.

  • Quoting can be done over the phone, through video chat or in person. This is your choice!

  • Call, e-mail, or text your advisor directly. They will respond quickly.

  • Need something sent directly to a company or a document updated? Not a problem, we will handle that for you!

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